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INT 8607 Synthetic Resin

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NT8607 is a kind of higher hydroxyl value ketonealdehyde resin, extensively compatible with coating/oil ink formula’s raw materials, soluble in most organic solvents, with good solution balance in benzene and alcohol systems, good carbinol, ethynol solubility. As an advanced coating/oil ink functional additive, it exhibits good pigment wetting and dispersing functions, effectively improves coa-ting film’s adhesiveness,gloss and hardness, etc..

1. Main Technical Data 

[1] The resin is 50% (mass fraction) solution in ethanol.

2. Solubility
Soluble in paint solvents such as alcohols, ketones, esters and so on, but insoluble in water.Its solubility in aromatic hydrocarbon and nonpolar solvents such as mineral oil, aliphatic hydrocarbon, alicyclic hydr-ocarbon is limited.

3. Compatibility 

compatible with most coatings/paint resins including:

4. Application
·as resin ingredient used in flexographic inks, rotogravure inks, cellulose Lacquers, vinyl ealers and coatings, laminating inks, primer
coatings, heatseal coatings, tie coatings to improve the gloss, adhesion, hardness, fullness, dryness.
·possessing properties of general ketonealdehyde resins, such as improving coating/oil ink film's adhesiveness and gloss, but it has better alcohol solubility, and faster solvent releasing speed.
·generally first dissolved to 50% solution, then added in coating/ink oil formulation.
·recommended addition quantity is 6-30% of formula’s total mass. 
·Package & Storage
·Package: 25kg/bag
·Stored in dry and cool environment.
·Shelf life not less than 12 months and able to be used after validity period if key data still conform to requirements after being tested.

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